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Explore all the ways we can transform your smile, finally having the dream smile you have always wanted. This is your chance to smile the way you were meant to, with complete CONFIDENCE.

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The Perfect Smile

The perfect smile starts with a clean slate... that means a straight slate. Transforming a smile always has the best results if all the teeth are in the right position...


The Perfect Shade

If you are searching for the perfect coloured teeth that look amazing but at the same time, don't want to blind someone... then the B1 shade is right for you. The whitest your teeth can naturally go, this colour will draw all the right attention...

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The Perfect Solution

Tired of missing teeth or loose dentures? Are you looking for a more permanent solution? Then dental implants could be the perfect choice. Made to last a lifetime, and look and feel just like normal teeth, dental implants are the treatment taking the industry by storm...

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The Perfect Finish

Perfecting the imperfections is where you will find composite bonding. Whether it be filling the smallest chips, or covering a larger tooth surface, composite bonding is your chance to really tailor your smile to yourself. Whether it be a rounder more natural look, or a more square Hollywood finish, composite bonding really is the perfect solution...

Signature Treatments

The Lion Dental Difference

Multi Award Winning

All of our signature treatments, as well as various others have all won multiple awards. This shows off the talent and level of experience we have in everthing we do.

24/7 Client Care

We offer all clients 24/7 client care for any questions, queries, or concerns. This allows you to rest assured that throughout your whole treatment journey, you will be looked after, EVERY step of the way.

Dream Smile Creator

Creating dream smiles is what we do. There is no greater joy for us than transforming not only peoples smiles into the one they have always dreamt of, but also their lives. Allowing them to finally begin smiling with confidence.

Over 9000 Smiles Transformed

Our multi award winning dentists and treatment providers have transformed over 9000 smiles between them, making us one of the most skilled and qualified practices, so be sure to know, you are in the very best possible hands.